CANADIAN PROTEIN Melatonin Capsules – 90 x 3 mg


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The human body basically has its very own internal regulatory clock that is responsible for the hours in which you sleep, and when you wake up. That is why people who go to sleep at roughly the same time each night, will wake up at roughly the same time the next day, without having to rely on an alarm clock. The human body clock is responsible for how much melatonin is produced naturally, though there are other factors such as age, diet, and genetics, which is why some people produce more than others. During the evening, melatonin levels within the body begin to creep up, and they peak late at night, before gradually declining as the morning approaches. Our bodies actually produce melatonin based upon how much light is present, as darkness triggers an increase in melatonin secretion, because the body associates darkness with sleep. Common issues such as seasonal affective disorder are influenced by an increase in melatonin, which is why these issues become apparent when there is less light during the day, I.E in winter. However, as we grow older, melatonin levels gradually decline, which can then affect memory, as well as mood due to a lack of sleep. In these cases, melatonin supplements are absolutely ideal.



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