CANADIAN PROTEIN L-Glutamine Powder – 454 g (1 lb)


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Glutamine, just like other amino acids, is essential for the growth and repair of muscle proteins, but that is just the beginning. You see, glutamine also plays a vital role in the production of energy within the cells. You see, our bodies naturally produce ammonia, which is produced as a result of protein metabolism, and is a by-product of this very process. Ammonia is toxic, but glutamine actually helps the body to remove it as it helps transport the ammonia to the liver, where it is then neutralized and flushed from the body. When we become more active, glutamine is beneficial because it is converted into glucose, which the body uses as a primary source of energy. Glutamine is therefore ideal for exercise and working out, although there is still more to come. Glutamine you see, can also assist with protein synthesis and so can help the muscles to recover following an intense spell of physical exercise.



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