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What are leather weightlifting belts?

Leather weightlifting belts are thick, padded large belts that are designed to be worn around the mid-section during weightlifting and resistance training. The belts not only help to stabilize your core and add support, but they also provide protection for the back and abdominal muscles, so you’ll be less likely to sustain an injury through training. Typically made of quality leather, the average weightlifting belt is around six inches in length, though some are smaller, while others are sometimes larger. They are secured at the waist with a sturdy metal buckle, and they can be adjusted in size at the buckle holes, just like a regular belt.

How can they be used?

Weightlifting belts can be used for a variety of different exercises in the gym. Typically, they are used for heavy compound movements to assist with stabilization and support. Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at once, and many of them rely heavily on your core stabilizer muscles. A leather weightlifting belt helps keep the core sturdy, so you can generate more power and perform the exercise effectively. You can also attach chains to the belt and clip weight plates onto them for added weight and resistance when performing exercises like dips and pull-ups.

What are the benefits of using them?

Some primary benefits associated with using weightlifting belts include:

Better form

When you exercise, it is vital that you always practice proper form. If you fail to perform an exercise with perfect form, you run the risk of sustaining an injury, plus you will also not see and feel the full benefits of the exercise. If you’re barbell curling for example, you may arch your back slightly and lean back to gain momentum. A belt helps keep your back straight, so you can stabilize yourself at your core and lift with your biceps as you’re supposed to do.

More power

Another reason to wear a belt when training is to allow you to generate more power. A weightlifting belt boosts intra-abdominal pressure which stabilizes your core and allows you to create more power during the lift.

Reduced risk of injury

A leather weightlifting belt is also designed to help keep the wearer safe and protected against injury during training. Belts support the back so you’re less likely to injure your back, plus they also protect against hernias and torn abdominal muscles. This means that by wearing a weightlifting belt, you can train relatively heavy, safe in the knowledge that an injury will be far less likely.



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