CANADIAN PROTEIN BEEF PROTEIN ISOLATE Unflavoured & Unsweetened (4.4 lb)


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What is Beef Protein Isolate?

Beef protein isolate is a form of protein supplement that is derived from, yes, you guessed it – beef. As opposed to whey protein and casein protein, both of which are dairy-based, this protein, although it does come from bovine, is not from a dairy source at all. Beef protein isolate is considered a complete protein source that provides as much as 97 – 99% pure protein per serving, which is down to the fact that it is an isolate. This basically means that the user will take in less fats and less carbohydrates per serving. It comes from the highest quality beef, from cattle that are healthy and free from hormones and antibiotics that can taint the meat. It provides a very efficient absorption rate, and a great amino acid profile, making it ideal for bodybuilders and athletes who put their bodies through a lot of stress in the gym.

How does it work?

Beef protein isolate works like other sources of protein, in that it plays several crucial roles within the human body. As you probably know, the body requires a great deal of protein for the growth and repair of muscle tissue, as well as for the healthy functioning of its cells. Protein, and the amino acids that make up protein molecules, are absorbed by cells within the muscles, where they then fuel the body and provide it with the necessary materials to re-build the damaged muscle fibres following a strenuous workout. It is a rapid absorbing protein source which means that the body absorbs it quickly once it has been consumed.

What are the main benefits of supplementing with Beef Protein Isolate?

There are many health benefits associated with supplementing with beef protein isolate, some of which include:

Muscle growth and repair

As previously mentioned, we require protein for our bodies to rebuild themselves and repair themselves following exercise. Protein is essential for protein synthesis, which is a process in which the body produces muscle proteins to replace damaged ones. When we exercise, we destroy muscle tissue, and we do our growing when we rest, providing the body has the materials required to do so. Supplementing with beef protein isolate is a great way of ensuring the body remains in a constant anabolic state, which is where it is going to build new muscle.

Great alternative to dairy

Whilst whey protein may indeed be the most popular bodybuilding supplement in the world, the problem with whey protein is that some people, due to allergies, simply cannot consume it. For people suffering with dairy allergies such as lactose intolerance, beef protein isolate is a great alternative.

Purer protein per serving

As this protein is indeed an isolate, it has undergone additional filtration and processing, to leave you with the purest form of protein you could wish for. Protein concentrates are generally around 80% protein per serving, whereas beef protein isolate is between 95% and 99% pure protein per serving, meaning you get more protein, and less fats and carbohydrates.


1 Scoop(s) 1 – 2 time(s) per day.

What can it be stacked with?

As this is a staple bodybuilding supplement, there are many supplement stacks that include this protein supplement. A popular stack for people looking to increase their lean muscle mass is as follows: beef protein isolate, creatine, BCAAs, multivitamin, omega 3 supplement.



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